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Maintenance Tips

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    1、Before driving out on a rainy day, make sure that all doors of battery compartments and of high and low voltage power equipment compartments are closed well.

     2、 When driving in the rain, travel at low speed (5 km/h) in case of pools zone with visual depth of about 100 mm (water over the ankle) so as to avoid vehicle damage by rain drop erosion and soak; after return , inform the team about the position of water depth and to carry out vehicle inspection.

     3、Stop the vehicle in case pools zone with depth over 200mm, and park the vehicle at highest section of the road; make good explanation to the passengers and evacuation as well to avoid disputes; timely notify the vehicle team leader.

     4、 During driving on the way, in case of insulation fault appears on the instrument board, please timely contact our after-sale personnel by telephone, to consult about if to continue or not according to fault degree.

     5、 When park the vehicle on rainy day, make sure to close all doors and windows to avoid rainwater from entering the vehicle compartment.

     6、 Stop the vehicle immediately in case of electricity leakage, open the door by door emergency switch, evacuate the passengers after cut off the power, and timely inform the vehicle team.

     7、 In case of sudden danger, the driver shall notify the vehicle team about the incident and the location.

     8、 Do not wash the inside of compartment by water; raincoats and umbrellas shall be placed well together, avoid rainwater from entering the compartment and dropping on the high voltage equipments.

     9、 After travel finishes on rainy day, make sure to park the vehicle at higher ground, and close doors and windows, turn off the ignition lock and low voltage main power switch. Before start the vehicle again, in case that the vehicle dipped in water, timely notify Nanjing Golden dragon after-sale service personnel.

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    The difference between normal vehicles and pure electric vehicles is the power source, that is the engine assembly is changed to be drive motor assembly, and fuel oil replaced by high voltage motor battery, but the other parts are much the same. But the maintenance of pure electric vehicles is very important to maintain the normal operation of the vehicle. Regular dust removal, water proof and fastening of high voltage equipments, are the most important for pure electric vehicles, of which the daily maintenance of electric blast pump is easily ignored. As it’s known to all, the normal operation of the blast pump is the key for traffic safety, which will directly affect the vehicle braking performance and braking effectiveness. 

    In order to maintain normal operation and long life span, it’s important to carry out good maintenance. The following maintenance plan can make the vehicle keep in the best condition:

    1、 Before start the vehicle make sure to inspect the oil position of blast pump; in case of oil leakage, timely notify relevant technicians to carry out examine and repair, and add oil to the pump.

    2、Carry out regular inspection on oil consumption, in case of oil leakage, timely notify relevant technicians to carry out examine and repair, and add oil to the pump. Regularly inspect the air filter and timely clean the filter cartridge (maintenance circle shall be shorter in the environments with much dust).

    3、 Regularly replace the air filter cartridge, inspect the cooler body and remove dust, and replace same sized oil filter, oil and gas separator, air compressor lubricating oil, inspect relevant electrical system, safety valve, and lubricate the electric motor with lubricating grease.

    4、 The maintenance shall be subject to the specified circle of actual vehicle model and pumps as required by the manufactures, and shall be adjusted according to actual operating conditions.

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    1、 In case of long-time parking, please make sure to park in safe area which shall be far away from gas station, filling station, heat source, fire source, corrosive gases, and wet places, and also keep from crash and squeezing by sharp objects. Make sure there are no pools with over 20cm water at the parking place.

    2、 Close all doors & windows and ventilators to avoid rainwater from entering the vehicle; Make sure all high voltage battery compartment doors are locked well to avoid irrelevant people from fiddling with the high & low voltage equipments, causing unnecessary loss of personnel property.

    3、 After parking, turn off the ignition lock and low voltage main power switch; make sure switches of various electrical equipments turned off well.

    4、 Carry out regular charge-discharge cycle for the high voltage electric battery and low voltage storage battery (remove the low voltage battery for charging when necessary). Carry out high pressure vehicle operation for 30 minutes every 15 days, then charge the high voltage battery, and make sure that the SOC of high voltage battery shall be between 60%-80% during parking period.

    5、 Take record of the last full charge as the starting point, make full charge once and discharge once per month for the pure electric bus. During the period of vehicle charging and maintenance, there should be specially-assigned person to monitor, and timely notify the professional staff in case of abnormal problems.

    6、 In case of any other abnormal occurrences during vehicle storage, please timely notify the after-sale personnel of Nanjing Golden dragon.

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