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Skywell Group Huainan Base Offline Ceremony Held Grandly, Skywell VAN CS to be Launched

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On December 28th, the offline ceremony of Skywell Group's Huainan Base was held grandly, marking a further deepening of Skywell Group's layout in the new energy vehicle field and a concrete practice of Huainan's industrial transformation.

Secretary of Huainan,  Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Huainan, Zhang Zhi , President of Huainan Normal University, Cheng Gang, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and President of Huainan United University, Li Hui, Secretary-General of Huainan, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee of High-tech Zone, Li Qun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skyworth Group and Chairman of Skywell Group, Lin Jin,as well as leaders from various departments directly under the city government, municipal entities, and members of Huainan Automotive Industry Alliance attended the ceremony together.

(Lin Jin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skyworth Group and Chairman)

Lin Jin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skyworth Group and Chairman of Skywell Group, expressed sincere thanks to friends who have long cared for and supported the development of Huainan Base on behalf of Skywell Group. He said, " Skywell Group's Huainan Base will continue to uphold the concept of 'green travel, intelligent life,' constantly innovate, and create more value for users. We will work together with global partners to promote the prosperity and development of the new energy vehicle industry."

The completion of Skywell Group's Huainan Base carries a lot of attention and expectations. Zhang Zhi, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Huainan, highly affirmed the rapid construction of Skywell in Huainan. It is believed that under the leadership of local leaders, Skywell Group will steadily grow in Huainan and exert its full efforts to promote the construction of Huainan's new energy vehicle industry, jointly creating a green picture of beautiful Huainan.

(Mr. Jiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Skywell Group, and Chairman of Huainan Skywell)
Super Speed

Skywell Group's Huainan Base is an important strategic deployment of Skywell Group in the field of new energy logistics vehicles. The base mainly includes stamping workshop, welding workshop, comprehensive building, exhibition hall, and R&D test center. Since August 2022, after 9 months of intense construction following the cooperation intention reached between Skywell Group and Huainan City, the Huainan Base has begun to take shape, achieving the goal of being constructed and put into use in the same year. The Huainan Base of Skywell Group strives to be completed by June next year and will have the capacity to produce 50,000 units of light commercial vehicles per year.

Skywell Group has been committed to the research and development of new technologies and products. Xu Yinqiao

New Release

As a leading enterprise in China's new energy light commercial vehicle industry, Skywell Group has been committed to the research and development of new technologies and products. Xu Yinqiao, the Technical Director of Skywell Group's Light Commercial Vehicle Division, has put forward a new definition for new energy light commercial vehicles and launched a new generation product for the first time – Skywell VAN CS. This product can be expanded to 48+N models and adopts various passenger-friendly driving and riding experience functions, 16 circular high-strength safety structures, and can meet L2+level autonomous driving, OTA, mobile app remote control, and other functions. As a forward-looking developed platform product,Skywell VAN CS will provide more efficient and reliable solutions for industries such as logistics and passenger transportation. This product is expected to be globally released in September 2024.

Working Together for Win-Win

With the development of new energy vehicle technology and the participation of more industries, the scope of the new energy vehicle field continues to expand. Skywell Group actively responds to the national policy calls for promoting high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and strengthening the construction of industrial chain supply chains, striving to become a benchmark enterprise leading the industry's development. As the Chairman unit of the Huainan Automotive Industry Alliance, Huainan Skywell is dedicated to promoting interactive cooperation, win-win development, and jointly building the Huainan automotive ecosystem through the construction of the Huainan base.

During the event, Skywell Group signed cooperation agreements with several local companies, universities, financial institutions, etc., including supply chain cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation, financial cooperation, scientific and technological demonstration cooperation, intelligent cooperation, and strategic distribution cooperation.

Setting Sail for Dream Building

A group of Skywell people, who are committed to serving the country through industry, are using a proactive and enterprising work attitude and efficient working methods to actively build a new era of prosperity and development in Huainan. Only by mastering the "internal strength" can we compete in the market, embrace the future, touch dreams, and achieve success on the new stage. Mr. Jiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Skywell Group, and Chairman of Huainan Skywell, said, "Today's ceremony is just a small milestone. We must accelerate our progress with a sense of urgency and heroism that brooks no delay." It is believed that no matter how the industry develops in the future, Skywell will stand out.

Skywell Group, after many years of development, has grown from a single business holding platform to a unicorn enterprise that covers the research and development, intelligent manufacturing, sales, and service of new energy vehicles and core components. Today, its subsidiary, Skyworth Automotive, has become a leader in the national brand of new energy vehicles, with its bus, passenger car, and logistics vehicle products spreading across the country.

Skyworth new evergy vehicle's presence can be found in more than 60 countries and regions including Germany, Thailand, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India, Chile, as well as Macau, Hongkong. Leveraging the strong capabilities of Skywell Group's Huainan base, it will undoubtedly drive rapid development in the field of new energy logistics vehicles and provide global users with better quality and more environmentally friendly travel options.


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