Basic parameters

LevelLarge-sized high grade
Front/back wheel track(mm)2054/1860

Performance parameter

Maximum gradability≥18%
Maximum speed(km/h)90
Driving range(km)≥220
30km/h braking distance(full-load)(m)≤9.5m
Minimum turning radius(m)≤21
Minimum ground clearance180

Electric Motor

Type of electric motor:Permanent magnet synchronous motor(YBM200)/Permanent magnet synchronous motor(NJL-DJ01);Maxium power of electric motor(kw):120/140;Rated power of electric motor(kw):94/80;Maxium torque of electric motor(N.m) 750/1200;Maxium revolving speed of electric motor(r/min):2800/3000;


Type of power battery:Lithium iron phosphate(PRIDE)/Lithium iron phosphate(WINA)/Lithium iron phosphate(Guoxuan);Capacity of power battery(V/Ah):576、360/576、288/537.6、300/537.6、279.5;Charging time(h):4.0/3.0;


SuspensionAir hanger bracket(front 2 back 4)
SteeringZF8098(Hydraulic booster)
BrakingFront plate back drum(ABS)
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