Basic parameters

Length(mm)*Width(mm)*Height(mm)10490*2500*3170(with air conditioner)/3020

Performance parameter

The main configuration

Passenger doorFront passenger door:Pneumatic double-swinging ;Back door:Pneumatic double-swinging ;Door pump:Pneumatic ;
Car windowFront window:Laminated glass(Yangtze River, Changzhou);Side window:Up closed, down built-in push pull(F green)(Yangtze River, Changzhou);Back glass:Tempered glass(Yangtze River, Changzhou);Top-window & ventilator:two safety skylights(one with ventilator);
InteriorsInside top decoration:Molded roofing;Air dust:Aluminum alloy air duct;Getting-off bel:Available;Swinging rings:Unavailable(Optional);Interior floor:Bamboo plywood;Interior floor coverings:Small green dotted wear-resistant floor coverings;Dashboard:Overall foaming dashboard;Shade curtain:Front pole-type sunshade curtain,side non-return sunshade curtain;All curtains:Unavailable(Optional);Paint:Domestic ordinary solid paint;Stepping lamp:Available;Handrail:steel tube spraying plastics;Fire safety hammer:4只(带铝识标牌);In-car extinguisher:4KG for 2(dry power);Tool kit:Unavailable(Optional);Ash-bin:Available;
SeatDriver seat:Multi-functional driver seat(with three-point seatbelt);Passenger seat:Plastic bus seats with advertising;
OtherTye :Available;Side bin gate:Aluminium alloy bin gate;


Battery capacity:151.2°;


TyreTyre:275/70R22.5(16PR)Radial tyre without inner tube(double money);Wheel casing:Unavailable(Optional);
SteeringStering system:Home-made hydraulic booster;Steering gear box:Home-made steering gear box;Steering wheel:480-Ⅱ Steering wheel;
BrakingBraking system:Double-circle gas brake, domestic valve;ABS:4S/4m(Comet);Brake:Front plate back drum;
OtherRim:22.5*8.25,Rotary compression rim;Fear axle:11 tons of punching welding bridge, hypoid gear single reduction (Nanjing TrumpJet);Front axle:7.5 tons of integral rigid front axle (Nanjing TrumpJet);Drive shaft: Steyr flange;Suspension system: the top 2 after 4 air suspension;auto clearance-adjust arm:Home-made;Concentrated lubrication:Unavailable(Optional);

Electrical appliances

Air conditioner:28,000 Kcal air conditioner (SOZ);Battery:two 100AH(Liyang);Wiper:Available;automobile data recorder:Available(with printing function);Electronic clock:Available(With temperature display);High-mount stop lamp:Available;audio-visual system:Unavailable(Optional);Medium door、reversing monitor:the dashboard has display function(2 probes);reversing buzzer:Available;Automatic fire extinguishing in battery compartment:Available;The fire extinguisher inside battery box:Unavailable(Optional);Vehicle remote control:Available;CAN Bus:CAN dashboard、No module(Han Nathen);front and back guideboard:Light box guideboard;Interior side guideboard:Unavailable(Optional);Slot machine:Available;bus station broadcaster:Manual Broadcaster;

New energy

Motor (with vehicle and motor control system):Shenzhen Greatland System;High - voltage control cabinet:Available;Gearbox:Unavailable;brake pedal:Available;Power battery pack (with battery control system):Shenzhen OptimumNano Battery 151.2kwh;Electric inflating pump:Available;Electric defroster:Available;Electric booster pump:Available;Transducer:three-in-one;Electric accelator pedal:Available;Vehicle control unit:Available;
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